TULSA, Oklahoma - A Coweta couple is searching for their dog after their SUV was stolen outside of a home depot store.

The family is completely devastated that someone would do something like this. 

They said at this point, they don't even care about the car that much; they just want to find their dog, Lilly.

"We are devastated because we do everything with her," said Marilyn Hale. 
Marilyn and her husband Paul stopped at the Home Depot near 71st and Mingo to check out some windows with their dog Lilly in the car.
"We can’t take her inside of course and it was cold so we left the car running and the doors locked," said Marilyn. 
Marilyn said after they were done shopping, Paul went outside to grab the car. 

He said he found an empty space and shattered glass. 
"He was clear across the store, ‘Marilyn I think our trucks been stolen’ and my heart just dropped because I knew Lilly was in there," Marilyn said. 
Lilly is a 7-Year-Old dachshund and Marilyn just hopes someone will bring her home where she belongs. 

"We miss her a great deal and we just hope if whoever took her still has her they will take good care of her and will get her back to us any way they can," Marilyn said. 

Lilly means so much to them. 
"If I could just see her somewhere come bouncing to me that cute little dachshund bounce and get in my arms just love it," said Marilyn said. 

The Hale's said they filed a police report and they are offering a $200 reward for anyone who finds Lilly.

If you have any information on this case, call CrimeStoppers.