GLENPOOL, Oklahoma - Just about every student wishes their school cafeteria served something different to eat. Some Glenpool middle schoolers competed Tuesday to add what they'd like to the lunch menu. 

It's second lunch at Glenpool Middle School and they're having beef, mashed potatoes, beans and a roll. Not a bad lunch.

They've got choices - wraps salad and fruit.

Corndogs and fries if you want them and of course, kids can bring their own lunch if they want and a lot of kids do.

A program called Cooking for Kids aims to make school lunches better.

"Our mission is to increase participation, create scratch cooking and promote school lunch in general," said William Harris, a consulting chef with Cooking for Kids. Tuesday's contest is more like cooking by kids.

Seven contestants each prepared a recipe they've created or brought from home.

"It really draws the kids out of their shell, and builds confidence," Harris said. 
Kayten made a salad. 

"It's gonna be a chicken salad with grapes, and cranberries," she said. 

The culinary staff from the school was on hand to offer tips and advice. The kids had an hour to get their recipes finished and to the judges.

The winner was Nikkolas Duniphin and his Taco Bowl, and what does he win, Chef Bill?

"The winner does get to be featured on the menu at some point during the year," Harris said. 

For more information on the Cooking for Kids program, visit their website