TULSA - President Trump is proposing big changes to the nation's SNAP program, that could lower the amount of food stamps Oklahomans receive every month.

Low-income Americans who get at least $90 a month from SNAP, would get about half their benefits in the form of a "USDA Foods Package."  That would include things like milk, cereals, pasta, canned fruits and vegetables.  The rest would still go onto a card, for people to use at grocery stores.  

The Trump administration says this and other changes will reduce the SNAP budget by about $213B over the next ten years.

Several local groups were quick to speak out against the proposal saying the proposal puts hundreds of thousands of Oklahomans at risk of hunger.  Hunger Free Oklahoma, The Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, and the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma call the proposal detrimental.

They say nearly 40,000 Oklahoma seniors rely on SNAP and the changes could mean skipping meals to pay for life-saving prescription medications.  It does nothing more than grow government bureaucracy at Oklahoma's expense. 

The groups also say the plan would take hundreds of millions of dollars away from the local economy, because SNAP users will be forced to spend less at grocery stores.

Right now, Trump's plan is just a proposal and will still need to be approved by Congress.