TULSA, Oklahoma - New numbers just released show crime within Tulsa's IDL is down drastically.  Crime within the IDL has dropped 17% from last year and arrests are up 14%.

Tulsa Police credit downtown business owners for sharing security video.

Corporal Brandon Davis, Tulsa Police Department, say,s "If we have video, and it's good video, we will be able to solve that with a higher percentage."

In addition to the increased presence of security cameras, you also might have noticed dozens of soon-to-be lights installed in the Blue Dome District.

This $1.1-million project will help make the area safer for employees and customers who walk around during off hours.

"My staff is coming in at 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning or leaving at  2:00 am, and it is nice for our staff to feel safe walking around," said Peyton Wilson, manager of Dilly Deli.

The new lights are also being called another step towards joining the districts together.

"I think that will be good for us, especially with parking being so spread out," said Wilson.  "I think it being more well lit will encourage people to walk more, especially with all the shops along Elgin and in the Blue Dome.  It will be great."

And Corporal Davis says people should feel safe coming down here.  "It is probably more dangerous for homeless people than folks who aren't homeless downtown - because homeless criminals will target other homeless people," explained Davis.  "Is what we're doing so far working?  I think it is so.  We will continue to do that and we are gonna try some new things and see if that helps."

The new lights are expected to be fully functional by this summer.