FORT GIBSON, Oklahoma - A former Fort Gibson officer is fighting to keep her K-9 partner. 

She resigned in October under an agreement they would stay on as reserves. 

That never happened and now the city wants the dog back. 

Bullet the dog was the former officers' partner for four years. 

In their first year, the duo got $88,000 in drugs off the streets. 

Now, the city is threatening to put Bullet up for a surplus bid.

"I mean you're with them 24/7. They're in the car with you every call that you go on, he's riding shotgun. You just develop a bond with him almost like it's your child," said Former Officer Tiffany Yarbrough. 

From K-9 officer to coffee shop owner, Yarbrough turned her badge in last fall to brew a new dream. 

"I happened to walk in one day and asked if they would be interested in selling … and two weeks later I purchased the coffee shop,” said Yarbrough. 
But she wouldn't have left the daily grind for this grind if it meant Bullet was on the line. 

"He's bonded with me, and he's not going to understand being ripped apart from me and given to somebody else," she said. 

Yarbrough said they were supposed to stay on as reserves, but the reserve patrol car was pulled for a full-time officer and now the police department doesn't want a K-9. 

"The past precedent of the town, not once has a handler ever lost his dog. The dog, every dog up until now, has been retired to their handler," said Yarbrough.  

The City Administrator would not do an interview, but she did claim there's a state statute that says any K-9 officer is personal property, so it’s an asset to the town.

"Bullet is not an item. Something with a heartbeat that has a bond and is a living, breathing thing, just to me isn't an item," said Yarbrough. 

She said putting her partner in crime up for sale isn't just wrong, it's dangerous. 

"If a child stepped in and tried to take his toy, he would maul that child. And that's a liability that I can't believe is even being questioned," she said. 

She's been paying for Bullet's food, vet bills, and medicine. 

She's even ready to pay for thousands of dollars in needed dental surgery. 

There's a city council meeting on February 26th.

If you would like to help, you can visit her GoFundMe page.