MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma - A kind-hearted police officer made a Muskogee man's day on Wednesday.

Jonathan Mullins says he has been trying to save money to get his car fixed, so he was looking for a bike to help him get to work.

In a twist of fate, the officer who arrested him three years ago stepped in to help.

"Honestly, to me, this is a blessing," said Mullins.

Mullins was talking with Muskogee Police Officer Brandon Harris Wednesday morning when he asked him to keep an eye out for a cheap bike.

"He  just got a job at subway," stated Officer Harris.  "I thought, 'hey we used to have hundreds of bikes at the station.'  So I went down to talk to our evidence lady and she said we gave all of those to the Ark of Faith."

After talking with Mullins, Officer Harris stopped at the Ark of Faith to pick up a bike and had it to him within the hour.

Mullins said he was "sitting at the table and next thing I know I hear brakes from a police vehicle and officer Harris told me to come out here and he said I got you a bike."

"He was very surprised," said Officer Harris.  "He came out with his long johns and no shirt on and was like 'aw that's awesome!'"

Now Jonathan has a reliable way to make it to work for his first day at Subway.

"It would take me an hour and 15 minutes to get to work," explained Mullins.  "My wife and I googled it, and now it's only going to take me 19 minutes."

Mullins says Officer Harris arrested him a few years ago and, since then, they've kept in touch.

"After I got out, I seen him the next day and I told him what was going on," said Mullins.  "We talked for 15-20 minutes and we've connected since then."

"Anytime he's had problems or anything with neighbors or something like that, he's called," said Officer Harris.  "So I've just been trying to help him out ever since."

Because giving something so simple can make a big difference.

"I try to minister to people on a daily basis.  I'm not here to just take people to jail," explained Officer Harris.

"I don't really consider him a friend.  I consider him my brother," said Mullins.  "I really appreciate what he does for my family and other families."