TULSA, Oklahoma - More than 100 dogs seized from a well-known local dog trainer are now being matched with their owners.

It's a tedious process and the Humane Society of Tulsa is working tirelessly to try to identify each pet.

So far, the Humane society has matched about 34 dogs to their owners but they still have 72 more dogs to go, as well as identifying some cats and chickens.

Phones at the Humane Society have been ringing off the hook since last week.

The calls are from worried pet owners and concerned community members after deputies arrested well-known dog trainer Marj Satterfield and seized the dogs in her care.

The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office says 106 dogs, a few cats and some chickens were found living in deplorable conditions.

“We are aware that several dogs have been recovered by the Sheriff's Office as part of an investigation,” said District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler. “We have not received all of the reports associated with that investigation. However, we certainly agree that any dog which is identified and associated with an owner ought to be returned to that owner as soon as possible.”

Some of the dogs were with Satterfield for training, some were being sold as service animals and others were there to be boarded.

The Humane Society says it's a big mess to sort out.

"We don't know how many animals are her animals or animals that she was breeding with or animals that she had from other places,” said Humane Society of Tulsa spokesperson Dan Canfield. “It's definitely in our interest to get those animals ID’d and hopefully help those animals, get them in their previous home or find out what’s their next stage for them."

The Humane Society is trying to keep people updated on their Facebook page, posting the match list and working with people to get their information.

“We are so thankful for all of the descriptive information coming in from concerned owners!’ read a post by the Tulsa Humane Society. “If your pet has yet to be verified and you haven't emailed Fido@tulsapets.com all of your info; please, do that ASAP. Our hope is to get these pups home as soon as they are released!”

Monday afternoon, they posted a picture of their team sorting through emails and documentation.

Meanwhile, News On 6 was told dog training at Marj's storefront in Tulsa is set to continue even with the ongoing investigation. We checked the location Monday but no one was there to answer any of our questions.

The humane society says that the dogs could start being released by 3 p.m. Tuesday if a judge signs off on it. At that point, they will be setting up private appointments with each dog owner.