PITTSBURG COUNTY, Oklahoma - The Pittsburg County sheriff says human remains have been discovered in the same area where a missing woman's purse was found early last year.

Sheriff Chris Morris says his office got a call Sunday, February 18, 2018 that bones were found in the Cardinal Point Recreation Area, off the Shady Grove exit.

Deputies could tell they were human and called the Medical Examiner's office. The ME's office collected the remains on Monday.

The sheriff says his office believes the remains could be a woman's, since they found some women’s clothing nearby. He said the clothes looked like green scrubs and a bra.

The area is close to the location where a hunter found Holly Cantrell’s purse last February.

Cantrell disappeared on her lunch hour from McAlester Regional Health Center on January 20, 2017. Her purse was found at the Cardinal Point Recreation Area on February 25, 2017.

McAlester Police said a man was hunting for rabbits at Cardinal Point, about 13 miles northeast of McAlester near Eufaula Lake, when he found the purse in the woods. Law enforcement officers said they found her ID and other items inside.

After the purse was found, McAlester Police called in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections K-9 unit to help search the area, but they didn't find anything else.

The next step in the investigation is for the ME's office to identify the remains.