TULSA, Oklahoma - Bruno Mars fans are shocked and upset after tickets to his Tulsa concert sold out within minutes.

Scalpers are now reselling the tickets for hundreds of dollars over their face value, and fans say something needs to be done about it.

Many frustrated fans took to social media after they were notified that the tickets were immediately sold out.

One man was left particularly heartbroken after trying to buy tickets with his friends.

Jake Bush said seeing Bruno Mars perform at the BOK Center would be a dream come true, so he went online to buy tickets the second they went on sale.

"We had one friend out of the group that was able to get through and get one ticket, but within minutes they were just gone," he said.

Bush said when he went to see if he could buy some from resalers, he was shocked at the price hike.

"We have friends in other cities who are going who are getting tickets for 100 to 150 bucks, and trying to go to the BOK they end up being closer to 400 or 500 dollars for like nosebleed seats," he said.

Frustrated concert fans also flooded Facebook expressing similar disappointment. One fan wrote, "I tried to buy Elton John, Justin Timberlake, Pink.....I CAN'T AFFORD ANY OF THEM!!!!!!!!"

Another said, "No one is worth $1,200 for one ticket."

One fed-up fan wrote, "…that's why I don't bother with anything at the BOK anymore."

The BOK Center said there is little the venue can do to keep scalpers from buying and selling tickets at prices higher than face value because neither the State of Oklahoma or the City of Tulsa has any ordinances or laws prohibiting scalping. But they say they are working with Ticketmaster to combat the issue.

As for Bush, he says he would love to think action might be put in place after today's social media uproar.

"There needs to be some type of system that keeps these ticket prices where the performers have set them and keeps scalpers or the second-hand vendors from snatching all of them up,” he said.

The BOK Center has now added a second show for Bruno Mars. Those tickets will go on sale Friday.