TULSA, Oklahoma - Police are investigating after dozens of shots were fired early Tuesday at a Tulsa home.

Officers say just after 2:30 a.m. they were called to a home in the 5900 block of East Marshall. They arrived to find the home had been struck multiple times. Outside, they found 25 shell casings from what they say were different caliber guns involving several shooters. Four people inside the home were not injured.

News On 6 talked to a man who had dropped someone off at the home earlier in the morning. He said before those shots were fired, someone knocked on the door then a rock was thrown through a window of the home.

That home was the scene of homicide in the early hours of Friday, February 12th. Police say 39-year-old Pedro Yanez was shot and killed inside.  

A Tulsa Police homicide investigator tells News On 6, he’s sure this drive-by shooting is connected to drug debt motive from last week’s homicide.

Police continue to look for Jose Ibarra-Pellegrin who they believe was the shooter. 

Pellegrin and another man left after that murder and have not been seen since then.