TULSA, Oklahoma - A combination of freezing rain and potentially flooding rainfall continues across Green Country through the majority of our Tuesday.

Widespread moderate rain will continue to soak eastern Oklahoma into the evening hours. For areas northwest of Tulsa, much of this will fall as freezing rain with temperatures below freezing.

Ice accumulation will occur, particularly on elevated surfaces, bridges, and overpasses. Slick travel is expected if you’re headed to the west or northwest of the metro.

In Tulsa, temperatures will very slowly fall below freezing by late afternoon into early evening, with rain changing over to freezing rain and some ice accumulation possible for the evening commute. Be prepared for the possibility of slick evening travel in the Tulsa metro.

As of 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, EMSA is it's responded to 23 vehicle accidents since 10 a.m. EMSA said in a normal weekday 24-hour period, they would respond to about a dozen accidents.

The increase, EMSA said, can likely be attributed to weather, including wet conditions and low visibility.

EMSA is urging caution throughout the evening and say people should stay inside if possible.

Farther east of Tulsa, the freezing rain threat is lower as temperatures should hold above freezing into the evening hours. However, some flooding rainfall could occur east of Tulsa as two to three inches of rain will be possible with some locally higher amounts.

The widespread precipitation will gradually subside by late tonight, but, as temperatures continue to slowly fall further below freezing, additional slick spots will likely develop on area roads, so be prepared for slick travel tonight and continuing into Wednesday morning.

In Pawnee, ice can been seen on trees, grass and fences, but the roads have held up so far.

Oklahoma Department of Transportation and Pawnee County Emergency Management said they are monitoring the roads and have crews ready to get out and take action if necessary.

The Pawnee Streets Department says they've been checking bridges throughout the day, too, ready to go if things get worse.

"Everything seems to be okay so far. It's subject to change overnight, but an hour ago we went out and it was still alright," said David Hill with the Pawnee Streets Department.

Pawnee elementary announced it will not have parent teacher conferences, and all Pawnee schools will start an hour later Wednesday morning waiting for things to thaw out.

Ice is starting to collect in Cushing as well. The Cushing Police Department said ice is starting to collect on power lines and tree limbs.

It said no power outage have happened yet, but said it could become an issue if precipitation continues and temperatures done get above freezing.

If power outages begin for a long period of time, the Cushing Youth and Community Center at 800 South Little Avenue will serve as a warming center and emergency shelter.

Anyone who may experience a power outage in Cushing may call 918-225-1212 to report it after normal business hours.