MANNFORD, Oklahoma - Areas across Green Country are at or below freezing and it's only going to get colder out there.

There’s a little bit of rain on and off for the past few hours in Pawnee and Creek counties.

In Westport, there was ice forming on tree branches, light posts, and even mailboxes.
Mannford has had icicles form on anything from street signs to fences to even power lines. 
Mannford Police Department said they haven't had to respond to any wrecks so far. 
However, they do want you to be cautious on the roadways because ice can form very quickly when it's this cold. 
Mannford Police Department also said they haven't heard any reports of people without power so far but it's always a possibility with the sagging lines and tree branches. 
If you are heading out, just take it easy because there could be icy spots and be careful on sidewalks, outdoor stairs, and bridges as they are elevated surfaces that have the potential to be slippery.