BARTLESVILLE, Oklahoma - Police say they're seeing a big increase in Bartlesville home burglaries.  The department says they taken nearly 50 burglary reports since mid-December 2017, 19 were reported just this month.

Police Captain Jay Hastings says the burglaries have happened in area of town south of Adams Boulevard, between the railroad tracks and Cherokee Avenue.  

"It started south of 14th Street but has now moved north a little further," Captain Hastings said.

"Most are vacant houses or houses being remodeled. Tools are some of the items being stolen. Some of the victims' property has been found hidden close by where the burglary occurs."

Hastings said the thieves may be returning later in a vehicle to retrieve the stolen items.

No matter what neighborhood or town you live in, police say you should always be on the lookout for any suspicious traffic in your neighborhood.

Captain Hastings offers some tips:

  • Pick up your newspapers and mail daily.
  • Communicate with your neighbors, exchange cell phone numbers.
  • Report suspicious activity or persons to neighbors and police.
  • Have someone check on your house if you are out of town. Leave lights on or use a timer.
  • Keep bushes and trees trimmed so there are no places for someone to hide next to your house.
  •  Keep garage doors shut, lock car doors and try to park off of the street.
  • Install exterior motion lights.
  • Install alarm systems and cameras.  
  • Burglars love privacy fences, because once they are inside your back yard they can’t be seen as easily by neighbors.
  • Remember: A police officer driving through residential neighborhoods relies on local neighbors to report and communicate what looks out of place.

Captain Jay Hastings says to report a burglary, contact the police department at 918-338-4001.