SAND SPRINGS, Oklahoma - A man is in jail after officers say he hit 120 miles per hour during a three-county pursuit. John Cress could be facing several charges, from kidnapping to drug possession, after Sand Springs police say he had someone under 18 in a stolen SUV with him during the chase.

His arrest report shows Cress started the chase by driving away from Sand Springs police, and it came to end about 37 miles later in Payne County.

During the chase, police say a boy under 18 had his hands out the window, begging Cress to let him out of the SUV.

Police say Cress hit 120 miles per hour, went the wrong way on Highway 51 and admitted in a phone call that he had thrown debris out of the sun roof to try and hit the pursuing law enforcement vehicles.

They say Cress tried to hide in the woods behind a fallen tree after his tires gave out, but police found him. Police added they found marijuana residue on a device in the SUV.