BRISTOW, Oklahoma - At least one person was killed in a car crash near Bristow.

The crash happened on Highway 16 just east of the city.

Freezing rain has been falling across Green County Wednesday afternoon creating problems while driving.

The crash involved two pickup trucks - one carrying a horse trailer.

Highway 16 is blocked in both directions and drivers are urged to find a different route.

Officials have not said if the crash was weather-related.

In Tulsa, EMSA has responded to 38 crashes as of 8:20 Wednesday evening. None have involved serious injuries. They say the crashes can be attributed to weather-related conditions.

EMSA is urging everyone to stay indoors and avoid driving if possible.

Jack Damrill with the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority said they have crews working to get ice off the turnpikes and is urging drivers to be patient.

Damrill said drivers should be especially patient and careful on the Turner Turnpike heading out of Tulsa due to the combination of weather conditions and construction.

The Tulsa International Airport said they pre-treated runways and they are good. They said the airport is open but some airlines are canceling flights.