TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - A family has their dog back after last week's hoarding bust at a dog trainer's home, but now they're dealing with another nightmare.  They say their dog was poisoned.

Heather Wilmot says they met Marj Satterfield at her training facility in Tulsa and had no idea the dog would be going somewhere else.

Now, they say they want others to know about the possibility that these dogs were not only living in filth, but potentially exposed to health hazards.

Wilmot and her family were finally reunited with their dog, Max, Tuesday.

Wednesday morning, Wilmot woke up to Max panting heavily and throwing up blood.  His kennel covered in it.

The family rushed Max to the vet, who told them that Max was exposed to poison and fighting some other internal infection.

"Possibly rat poison, they don't know," said Wilmot.  "That would have happened, he would have been poisoned at the minimum within the last 3 days on up to three weeks ago."

Wilmot says she has notified the Humane Society of the poisoning, and she believes Max came in contact with the poison while being held at Satterfield's home.

News on 6 was there when deputies removed Max from the Skiatook property last week.

"We just wonder how has he been taken care of these last few months and what were those conditions," said Wilmot.  "It's just heartbreaking."

She's warning others whose dogs were in Satterfield's care.  "It's just worrisome because we don't know how many other dogs could have gotten sick too."

This is just one more thing during this whole ordeal that Wilmot says she's heartbroken by.

Max isn't just any dog.  He was being trained to be a service animal for Wilmot's autistic son.

Wilmot says "when you get a service dog, you've got that hope for your child, that they're going to have help through those activities that are really challenging for them and somebody that preys on people that have that kind of hope, it's very hard."

She says that so far Max's vet bills are close to $600 - with no end in sight.