TULSA, Oklahoma - A 14-year-old Tulsa Junior High School student faces a felony charge after police said he made a school threat on Snapchat.

That threat prompted lockdowns at two schools Thursday. 

After every school shooting, there's a spike in reports of threats, and police said a 14-year-old boy looking for attention made a threat and it got a lot of attention.

He's under arrest and could be charged with threatening a violent act.

Police officers walked the grounds at Webster Junior High checking doors and windows.

The school went on lockdown just after 10 a.m., because of several Snapchat posts.

One of them was a gun emoji and the words "coming hardcore tomorrow Webster High School and Rogers."

Police said a student showed it to a faculty member.

Both schools were locked down.

"We've had great responses from parents and students who care about their safety and if they see something they say something and our department, we follow up on it," said Tulsa Public Schools Police Chief Matthias Wicks. 

Within an hour, Police arrested a 14-year-old student and said they would pursue charges against him for making the threat.

The investigation was handled by TPD and Tulsa Public Schools police, the separate police force just for the district.

The city hopes to help too, meeting with both departments, and setting up a committee of students from Tulsa and Union Public Schools.
"To make sure that students have a voice and let us know what issues they see going on at school that others may not see," said Tulsa City Councilor Karen Gilbert. 

The Webster and Rogers lockdowns lasted one hour and though it prompted concern from parents, the TPS police chief said lockdowns are good precautions.

“I understand why parents are concerned about why we go on lockdown or modified lockdown, but that's a sign of a great relationship between agencies concerned about the safety of the students and the faculty,” said Chief Wicks. 

In Tulsa, the district said the system worked. A possible threat was reported, quickly investigated, and as much as possible, school went on.