TULSA, Oklahoma - A social media threat against Dove Science Academy in Tulsa ended with an arrest Friday.

Dozens of parents filed through the circle drive to pick up their kids after receiving an email from Dove Science Academy in Tulsa. The superintendent says Dove Science Academy was the subject of an online threat.

Police were able to identify a suspect after talking to the principal and a few students. The 15-year-old suspect, who was interviewed with his mother present, said he was making the post as a joke, police said.

The juvenile male was arrested for threatening a violent act.

The school was put on lockdown for about 20 minutes before changing to a modified lockdown which was lifted around 9 this morning.

While the school says it is confident in the security system and the steps it's taking, parents we spoke with are not taking any chances.

"My son could possibly be hurt, and that's why I'm here. Cops or no cops - I don't care! I'm getting in the school," said Latonya Bruce, parent. "The fact that parent's aren't controlling what children are doing on Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter is really upsetting to me. My son doesn't even have those accounts and I refuse to let him for these reasons."

"I'm worried. They've never had a problem with violence or anything else up here but - that doesn't preclude," said father Vernon Keys. "I'd rather be safe than sorry."