SAPULPA, Oklahoma - Many people are worried about school funding and safety.

On a day when there were nine violent threats made against schools, the question becomes what can be done and how much will it cost? 

News On 6 met with the superintendent of the Sapulpa School district and he admits it's a costly problem for his district and every other district across Green Country. 

"I can tell you, there aren't any schools that aren't dealing with this and aren't spending an incredible amount of time and effort trying to make sure schools are safe," said Superintendent Rob Armstrong.

Armstrong started his day Friday in a meeting with police in response to the deadly massacre in Florida and recent threats that started earlier this week and continued through Friday.  

"We've met many times this week with staff members, administrators, law enforcement to review plans ... making sure that we're ready in the event that anything ever happens here in Sapulpa,” said Armstrong. 

He said there are challenges being a smaller district, a district that took a big hit this week with an announced 2% cut in state funding. 

"That's going to cost my district about $80,000, that's $80,000 that could be spent on security … it's up to our state leaders to fund our schools appropriately and we need that, we need that assistance now, not later,” Armstrong said.  

It's going to take money to continue safety efforts, a plan is in place now to add more police district-wide. 

"We have a school resource officer, we're planning with our police department to increase that number and to also look at hiring off-duty police officers to come on campus and be more present and that all takes money,” Armstrong said.  

It also, of course, takes money to invest in counselors for students. 

Armstrong said it's difficult to account for a full counseling staff, textbooks, teachers, and security on a shrinking dollar and while they will work to find a way, he wants lawmakers to know it's urgent they find a way to help.