TULSA, Oklahoma - You always hope players who played at a high level come back to help those get to their level and even more one day. 

Two guys are doing just that for local football players in the area.

"The biggest thing about it was coming together, that's when he was like let's stick with Game Changers and that was it," said Marcus Pugh. 

Former TU Football player Dwight Dobbins and OU Track runner Marcus Pugh are changing the game in Green Country.

"We already know, being Oklahoma kids ourselves, that it's hard to get to the next level. We're overlooked and we're underrated, so we wanted to put these kids in an environment where they could be successful," Pugh said. 

This weekend, Dobbins and Pugh were lending their expertise to up-and-coming football players at defensive back and wide receiver positions.  

"We're showing they're mastering their technique, then we can put it on social media, from there it's ‘who are these guys, who are you working with.’ Those guys are earning scholarships when normally they wouldn't know who they are." Said Dobbins. 

Both were already working with athletes but decided to come together.  

Both knew they had a calling to help.

"A lot of those guys, those guys with me, I'm running them through drills, they had a lot of success. Keyarris Garrett was one, so I was like, man I can really help people. I love when I can give a kid some jewels, something they can take, so they can be leaders at their schools," Said Dobbins. 

Word of mouth has spread. Dobbins and Pugh have become the go-to for improving football skills. Patrick Fields and Dax Hill are among the many who trained with them.  But for the Game Changers, it's more to help give back.

Pugh: "I get chills every time we get to go out there on the field and practice with the kids. I get worked up because I'm giving the gift back," said Pugh.