COWETA, Oklahoma - Coweta is taking another step to makeover its historic downtown business district.

The "Broadway District" is Coweta's version of the highly popular and successful "Rose District" in Broken Arrow.

Monday, the city broke ground on a new Taco Bueno restaurant which is scheduled to open in June.

It's going in at the entrance of the Broadway District, and city leaders hope it will help funnel customers to other businesses in this growing part of town.

Just this month, the area welcomed a new QuikTrip and a new Casey's General Store.

The new additions are among the latest effort to make the Broadway District a destination for residents to enjoy.

"We're open for business here in Coweta,” said City Manager Roger Kolman. “We welcome everybody, not only our new businesses, but we're here to support our existing businesses."

"It says something about what they want to do in this town to improve and increase the quality of life here,” said CEO Quality Brand Management Rick Verity.

There are already about 50 businesses in the Broadway District; most of them are locally owned.

The city says they should benefit from the added traffic.