TULSA, Oklahoma - Students across Green Country will march for gun control in Tulsa following the recent shootings and threats.

It's called March for Our Lives Tulsa.

Carissa Lovell, a Booker T. Washington senior, says she was planning on marching down in Oklahoma City, but then realized she could call for change right here in her own city.

Law enforcement, different organizations, and students from several counties came out for the first planning meeting at the Equality Center tonight.

Students say they are banding together because there are too many loopholes in the background check system and too many weapons getting in the wrong hands.

"We want common sense gun reform," said Lovell.  "We want students to not be threatened while they're at school.  To not be scared about losing their life by a stranger or a former classmate."

There will be more planning meetings for the march over the next couple of weeks.

March for Our Lives Tulsa is set to take place on March 24th.