TULSA, Oklahoma - Some Tulsa residents are calling for a boycott of a new Dollar General store opening soon near Pine and Greenwood.

Dollar General says they plan to open that store in the next few weeks, even after plenty of opposition from neighbors.

The city council put a 180 day moratorium on dollar stores in north Tulsa back in September, but the store bypassed the ban, after getting permits issued before the moratorium was put in place.

Now, a group of residents are taking part in what they're calling a "Grand NOPEning."

There are signs near the store discouraging people from shopping there.

Greg Robinson is part of this movement and says they need grocery stores, not dollar stores.

"We will support business when it comes here but we are only going to support the businesses that we think value us," said Greg Robinson.

In a statement, Dollar General says:

"Dollar General and our developer have worked cooperatively and transparently with the Tulsa Development Authority and the Tulsa City Council to secure all needed approvals per the city's regulatory processes in order to move forward with construction."