TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa County prosecutors are following through on their promise to take school threats seriously. They charged three juveniles Wednesday for three separate school threats.

The three students facing charges are from Owasso High School (that threat happened on February 2nd) Liberty High School from a threat on February 15th, and the third threat happened last Thursday at Webster High School.

The DA said all the students who threatened Owasso and Webster were very specific with specific plans so if they were 18, they would be facing felonies. 

The DA said law enforcement and the schools took action and did exactly what they should have.

He said what's most alarming is that children are threatening children and these teenagers will be held accountable. 

The DA said all three teenagers are now up for arraignments in juvenile court. 

The courts will come up with a plan to make sure they're getting the help they need, and that there's a safety plan. 

News On 6 has also learned that charges are coming in for two more juveniles.

As of right now, there have now been 10 people charged with making school threats since Friday in Green Country. 

Those threats are causing major disruptions for schools, students, and parents.    

The Union 9th grade center was one of the schools threatened.

That kept more than 700 students from going to school on Friday.

A threat on the same day sent parents scrambling to Dove Science Academy to pick up their children.

Union Superintendent Dr. Kirt Harzler said he's glad prosecutors are taking the issue seriously.

"I think that's the next step here is for students and for all of our community to realize just how serious a threat or a hoax like this is … to me this isn't any different than any of us stepping onto a plane saying that we have a weapon,” Harzler said. 

Dr. Hartzler said he has a zero-tolerance policy for these types of threats.

As of right now, the DA’s charges do not include those made at Dove or Union.