TULSA, Oklahoma - In six days, TU football begins spring practice and the Golden Hurricane plan to improve on the struggles of last season.

"They're ready for something different, too,” said head coach Philip Montgomery. “They're ready to get back on the field and fly around."

While it feels like the offseason gets shorter every year, for TU football, it probably felt like it would never end. The team is anxious to get back on the field and put a disappointing 2017 behind them.

"There's an underlying feeling in your gut there of, ‘Hey, whatever happened, bad luck, whatever it is, we want to make sure that we're on top of it,’” Montgomery stated.

TU brings back experience with 22 players seeing the field for the first time last year. There are also a number of junior college transfers, who Montgomery hopes can make a quick impact..

"You don't bring in junior college players to sit on the bench,” said Montgomery. “You're bringing those guys in to provide you a spark and provide you some depth."

One adjustment for TU will be the departure of co-defensive coordinator Brian Norwood, who left to take the same position at Kansas State.

Montgomery said he doesn't anticipate having a replacement by the time spring practice starts. He wants to take his time and make sure he makes the right hire.

"I'm looking for a guy that can come in and do a great job with our safeties,” he said. "Being this late of a date puts us in a little bit of a bind; that being said, we've been fortunate. We've got a lot of interest in this job, and we'll continue to vet and do a good job of researching guys and making sure we get the right fit for us."