TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa man was robbed at gunpoint and a car stolen from his driveway.

What makes this crazy - it's the 3rd time the car has been stolen in just 3 months!

The stolen car is a red 2004 Chevy Monte Carlo.

"I thought I was going to get shot," said Jeff Reaves.

Reaves was face-to-face with a gun Wednesday morning as a guy took off in his girlfriend's 2004 red Monte Carlo.

"He stopped real fast, he opened the door," said Reaves.  "I thought he was going to run.  He pointed a gun at me and told me to move or he would shoot me and run over me."

This is the 3rd time the car has been stolen.  The first time was in December, while Reaves's girlfriend, Angela Beckham, was with the car.

"I was at the corner and a guy came right out in front of me on a bike right at dusk and I thought I hit him because he went on the ground and everything and he went and sat on the corner," said Beckham.  "I got out, 'do I need to take you to the hospital?  Do I need to call the police?'"

As she was loading his bike into her trunk to give him a ride, he took off with her car and her car keys.

That time police recovered it from a motel parking lot, but it was stolen again from their driveway.

"I had it three days and he came and got it out of my drive, and Jeff and I went and found it the second time," stated Beckham.

The couple thinks that it's the same guy each time - the only other person with a set of keys.  They just can't believe it's happened again and they just want their car back.

Reaves says he's "so mad that this guy has the gall that he thinks he's entitled to my car."