BARTLESVILLE, Oklahoma - Bartlesville teachers, parents and other members of the community met Wednesday evening to discuss the logistics of a possible suspension of classes in April.

The school board say they're considering this because they want to stand up to state lawmakers and show them they have a voice.

More than 500 people were at the special meeting of the school board at the city's community center Wednesday evening.

Kaylee Cromwell, a Bartlesville H.S. Senior, was one of many students there to support her teachers.  She says, "I've seen the impact that teachers can have on students and make a complete 360 on their lives and I want to be that."
Cromwell is heading to the University of Central Oklahoma this fall to pursue a degree in education.  She feels it's her calling.

"I know I'm meant to go out there and help other students the way teachers have helped me," said Cromwell.

Dan Droege is a founding member of PEAK, an organization trying to put pressure on legislators to help educators.

"I know it's a fine educational system, but it's suffering like systems are suffering all over the state," said Droege.  "Unfortunately, as we've seen, there has not been anything positive to come out of OKC yet.  There's been some very earnest attempts and they've gone down in flames."

Since this movement started, many other school districts across the state have already jumped on board.  Everyone is there for the same reason - to make a change for future generations.

We are losing too many teachers, classroom sizes are too big, we have way too many uncertified teachers," explained Droege.  "There needs to be action and it needs to be soon.

Wednesday's meeting was to discuss possibilities and for the school board to receive feedback from teachers, students, and parents.  No planned suspension can take effect until it is voted on by the full board at an official meeting.  The next meeting of the school board is set for March 12th.