COWETA, Oklahoma - Coweta police have arrested a third student in connection with threats made to Sloat Junior High School.

Coweta's police chief said the school has been threatened three times since last week and he needs parents to help their children understand this is no laughing matter.

The rumors and threats have gotten to be too much or police officers in Coweta.

"This is serious business. Every DA, every police department in this area right now is taking this very seriously," said Coweta Police Chief Mike Bell. 

Police said officers arrested a 14-year-old student at the Junior High on Wednesday for making threats against the school. 

Chief Bell said the 8th grader wrote violent messages on note cards and sprinkled them into the hallways. 

"The one that really concerned us was the one that said we are the death bringers. That tells me that he's looking at hurting somebody possibly or he wanted to scare other kids," said Bell. 

But this isn't the first run in the police have had with this student. Last month Chief Bell said the same 8th grader painted a picture of an AK-47 on the school's restroom stalls. It's an image police say they are taking seriously. 

"We as police officers, we have to go overboard, we have to go above and beyond just to make sure we catch it and we do something about it," Bell said. 

Just last week Coweta Police arrested two students at the Junior High who were overheard making comments regarding school violence. Police said those students now face felony charges. 

"I think it's time for the parents to sit down with their kids and actually talk to them. Not so much as far as how to get away from a threat, but to make them understand that when you make threats like this it is against the law,” Bell said, “you don't have a first amendment right to run around threatening other people's lives trying to scare them."

Police are working with the Wagoner County DA to put together an assembly that will help educate students on the seriousness of these kinds of threats.