WILBURTON, Oklahoma - Some Oklahoma law enforcement officers are making sure students are ready if their school is put on lockdown.

A "lockdown drill" was held this week at Wilburton Public Schools in Latimer County.

In Oklahoma, we are familiar with tornado drills, fire drills and in some places earthquake drills, but some schools have added lockdown drills to that list. This week, Wilburton conducted another type of drill. 

Wilburton Police and Latimer County Sheriff's deputies joined in to watch and offer any advice on ways to do the lockdown drill differently. Afterward the officers talked with students about school safety.

The district has been doing these drills for a while now and they're required at least once a year.

During the drill, school leaders announce for staff to go in lockdown mode. Teachers lock their doors, turn off lights and place students in a corner of the room away from doors and windows.

The elementary school principal says the sheriff told them they did a great job, because the students were prepared and quiet, even when the officers were trying to open the classroom doors.

The elementary school does several lockdown drills each school year, many of them are a surprise to the teachers and students.