BIXBY, Oklahoma - Attorneys for four Bixby football players charged with rape said no crime was committed.

The attorneys said the boys shouldn't be charged with rape because it wasn't a rape, just part of a prankish, roughhousing culture on the football team that may have been going on for decades.

"This was a situation that we thought when all reasonable minds got the same facts there would be a reasonable conclusion and we were mistaken," said attorney representing Samuel Lakin, Clark Brewster.

At a news conference Friday, attorneys for 17-year old Samuel Lakin, 16-year old Joe Wood, 17-year old William Thomas and 17-year old Colton Cable said an assault never took place.

"Well, first of all, there's no victim. All right? I will tell you that this is a series of roughhousing and literally playful acts," Brewster said. “This was an incident of roughhousing among boys that had been going on for a number of years and was reciprocal in nature."

The attorneys for the four charged said this incident had possibly been going on for decades on the football team and they believe law enforcement and the media skewed the facts in the case.

"I’ve got probable cause that this investigation, from the outset, has been seriously plagued by a conflict of interest within the district attorney’s office," said attorney Paul DeMuro, representing Joe Wood and his father, former Bixby Superintendent Kyle Wood.

DeMuro said he believes one of the lead investigators and one of the lead prosecutors has close ties to the accuser's family.

"The first day that the accuser made a statement to the school, Dr. Wood instructed his staff to call the mom. Is that a cover-up? The mother, who is well versed in these facts, said don't call the police," he said.

Attorneys for all the boys believe people's opinions will be different once all the facts come out.

"I think once that comes out you will probably have a very different opinion because these are outstanding boys and I truly feel bad for them," said Colton Cable’s attorney, Brett Swab.

Lakin has already been arraigned but the other three have court dates set for next week.

Thursday, sources told News On 6 a second Bixby student said he was also sexually assaulted.

The 15-year-old said the assault happened before the September incident at the former superintendent’s house.

The boy reported two suspects were involved and one of them was also involved in the September case.

Friday, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation confirmed it is investigating a second rape allegation.

Release issued by attorneys representing four accused in Bixby rape case: