OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma - Oklahoma teachers aren't happy with a bill making its way through the legislature that would set minimum salary requirements.  

Education advocates say on its face, this doesn't look like a bad bill until you dig a little deeper.

"Really it does set that false narrative that there's money there that this will set up competition between districts and there's no money that the districts have or they would have already given us the big salary raises," said Alicia Priest with the Oklahoma Education Association. 

House Bill 3539 would set minimum salary requirements based on a teacher’s educational level. 

For example, A teacher with a bachelor’s degree would receive a minimum of $31,600, with a national board certification the minimum would go up $1,000 to $32,600.  Get a masters and get another $200.  And a doctoral degree, teachers would get a minimum of $34,000.  

But under this bill, experience counts for nothing. 

"It does not take experience into account. It doesn't take really anything into account. It just takes away everything above the first step on our salary schedule," said Priest. 

The bill has moved out of the education committee and now moves to the full house of representatives.