ROGERS COUNTY, Oklahoma - A man who called police to admit he shot two people is now a convicted murderer.

A Rogers County jury found Michael Munday guilty of first-degree murder after a New Year's Eve shooting.

Michael Munday was found guilty for first-degree murder and shooting with intent to kill.

Investigators say Munday shot two people at a New Year's Eve party in 2016 at a home in rural Claremore.

Cody Thompson was killed; another man was also shot but survived. That man called 911 the night of the shooting, telling dispatchers he didn't know who shot him.

Investigators didn't have to go far to look for a suspect because Munday also called 911.

Here's what he said in the 911 call:

Munday:  "I'm sitting out here in front of the sheriff's department, and I shot two people and I need to turn myself in."

Munday says he shot the men in defense of a family member.

The jury recommends life in prison for the murder and 25 years for shooting with intent to kill.