TULSA, Oklahoma - A new dollar store opening in North Tulsa has some neighbors upset. 

As a documented food desert, they say they don't have enough grocery stores.

Protesters stood outside the new Dollar General for what they called a grand "NOPE-ening."

On the store's second day of business, there were several cars in the parking lot, but opposition is loud and clear.

"We don't need any more dollar stores. We have enough of those," said Tulsa Resident Precious Ross. 

While some folks are shopping at the new store near Pine and Peoria, protesters are encouraging people to stay away. 

"Go to the Family Dollar that's a five-minute walk and a 10-second drive right down the street and then there's another Dollar General right down Peoria," said District 1 City Councilor Vanessa Hall-Harper. 

What they want instead is access to fresh meat, fruits, and vegetables. 

"I also have to shop at more than one grocery store. I would like to be able to just go in the grocery store and it's the grocery, everything there that I need," said Ross.

Ross said the new grocery store coming to the Shoppes On Peoria is only the beginning of what she wants to see.   

"I want north Tulsa to reflect the rest of Tulsa. When you come to north Tulsa it's almost like you're going to another place," said Ross. 

A response from Dollar General was not provided on Saturday, but the company released this statement before the store opened, which said in part, "Dollar General and our developer have worked cooperatively and transparently with the Tulsa Development Authority and the Tulsa City Council to secure all needed approvals per the city's regulatory processes...."

Now that the store is open for business, protesters say they don't plan to give up their momentum anytime soon. 

"I want the people of North Tulsa to know that their voice matters," said Tulsa Resident Becca Lais. 

"We're gonna continue to protest as often as we possibly can," said Councilor Hall-Harper.