TULSA, Oklahoma - Police are investigating a shooting that they say left two men with gunshot wounds in the abdomen Sunday afternoon. 

Police said they are still looking for one of the victims who drove away after the shooting.

Meanwhile, neighbors said they are shocked.

"Police officers said a couple of boys got shot. He said not here, up there somewhere," said Glenn, a neighbor. 

For years, Glenn has lived in the neighborhood near 12th and Xanthus and rarely sees a scene like this.

"I come outside and there was about 20 police cars out here so I just sat down and started watching," Glenn said. 

Around 2:30 Saturday afternoon, police swarmed the midtown neighborhood after hearing reports of a shooting.

Police said two men showed up to a home with gunshot wounds. 

One man asked the homeowner to take him to the hospital, the other drove off. 

“The individual knew the subject that lived here at this location. Both subjects were shot in the abdomen," said Tulsa Police Officer Por Xiong. 

Police said they do not know where the actual shooting took place, but they are now looking for the victim who left the scene.

"Took off in a possible white Lexus vehicle. we don't know the exact location where that subject is right now," said Officer Xiong. 

Still, neighbors said they live in a very safe community, that's usually pretty quiet. 

"Neighbors don't know but it's pretty tight. Everybody keeps to their self and don't bother nobody," said Glenn. 

If you have any information about the shooting call CrimeStoppers at (918) 596-COPS.