OWASSO, Oklahoma - Owasso police are commending a Green Country teen for coming forward after they say he received explicit text messages from someone he knew.

Police say the arrest wouldn't have been possible if the teenager didn’t confide in his parents.

The police report stated the man arranged to "meet up" with the teen at an Owasso elementary school, but when he got here, officers were waiting instead.

"I'm horny,” a text message read. “I was going to see if you wanted to chill as friends and see where things go."

Another text read, "I bet you could seduce me right now."

These are just some of the text messages police say 29-year-old Brandon Lopez sent to a 16-year-old boy in Owasso. They say the young man notified his parents immediately who contacted police.

"The parents got ahold of the police department and we got involved and began communicating with the suspect, pretending to be the 16-year-old,” said Chief Jason Woodruff.

Police say Lopez and the victim know each other and say they believe Lopez knew the victim's age.

Lopez made the following comments:

"You’re not supposed to be at the park past like 11, the cops come, but maybe a campsite or something."

"Okay well this will be our little secret; don't tell anyone."

Police say when they approached Lopez at the school, he had several things with him.

“They also found some child pornography on his phone that he acknowledged having as well as some marijuana, condoms, other things inside the car that insinuated he intended to follow through with this sexual exploit with a minor,” said Woodruff.

Police say they commend the teen for coming forward and say this situation could have been much worse.

"Having the courage to bring this forward to your parents, bringing this forward to the police and let us take over and try to get this person in custody, that's absolutely the right thing to do,” Woodruff stated.

Lopez told police that he was on diet pills at the time and that they make him have inappropriate sexual urges.