BARTLESVILLE, Oklahoma - An autistic Bartlesville boy is home safe after he went missing for 10 hours.

Police say Kyson Bozman, 11, was found along the Caney River. He had fallen 15 feet and ended up on the bank.

Bozman disappeared around 6 p.m. Tuesday evening.

Bartlesville officers say they were especially concerned because he's autistic, wears leg braces and was not dressed to deal with the cold.

Donald and Denise Nash live a few doors down from Kyson and his family. They say they were keeping an eye out for him because, as parents, they'd hate to think of this happening to their children.

"I’ma burn the whole city down trying to look for them, you know, just to be honest with you,” said Donald. “I’ma do everything I can. So yeah, it's a scary deal."

A helicopter from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol was called in and emergency managers say it only took 20 minutes for them to find Bozman.

Emergency managers say he was just a mile away from home.

"The helicopter saved his life, no doubt about it,” said Captain Rocky Bevard. “We wouldn't have found him where he was at on foot or by vehicle."

Bozman’s family and everyone in his community are relieved to know this story has a happy ending.

"You know, the Lord was watching over him,” said Denise. “Bess his heart; he was out there in the cold, you know, the water."