McALESTER, Oklahoma - McAlester Police said a woman stopped a home intruder by using a meat cleaver.

McAlester Police Captain Don Hass said 20-year-old Caleb Oss broke into an apartment unit on the 900 block of West Choctaw around 10:30 Tuesday morning.

Hass said the woman who lives in the apartment, Mary Pennell, woke up and saw a man standing over her bed with a gun. But, rather than run from the man, Pennell ran to the kitchen and grabbed the only weapon she had, a meat cleaver.

"This is the first meat cleaver protection device I've ever heard of," Hass said.

The captain said it's an unusual weapon, but said Pennell "did what she had to do" when she found the intruder in her home.

"He grabbed her purse and started away with it and she jumped up and grabbed her purse back and wouldn't let him have her purse," Hass said. "She was just determined that she was not going to be a victim."

Police said Pennell's son, Bobby, heard a commotion, went into the room and confronted the Oss and tried to wrestle the gun away from him.

Hass said that's when Pennell went into the kitchen and got the meat cleaver.

Hass said the woman hit Oss several times with the meat cleaver and then called the police.

Police said Oss ended up with a fractured skull and arm and went to the hospital before being transported to the Pittsburg County Jail.

The captain said he hopes this serves as a warning to other would-be criminals.

"I asked her if she knew the suspect and she says, 'No, I did not know the suspect and he definitely didn't know me, coming into my house,'" Hass said. "I would think twice about going into somebody's house."

Pennell's son also had to be treated for a cut on his wrist.

Police said the gun Oss had was a CO2 air pistol.

Police said they believe Oss was under the influence of some sort of controlled substance.