OSAGE COUNTY, Oklahoma - The wildfire off highway 60 near Osage Hills State Park is currently still burning.

The fire is burning mostly to the east but strong winds are making it extremely difficult for firefighters to put out hotspots. You can still see the smoke for miles.

Osage hills fire says initial estimates were only about 100 acres but now are over 1,000.

This fire has threatened homes and structures but thankfully none have been impacted.

At this time, the fire is not in the part of the park where campers and cabins are, but the park ranger says guests and employees were evacuated out of precaution. 

One couple was here from New York camping and they say they were very surprised when they were coming back to the camp site from Pawhuska to see smoke.

"We knew there were not a lot of people in the campground,” camper Cheryl Belle recalled. “In fact, last night, we were the only campers in there, but the park ranger had assured us that it had not hit the area where our camper was."

Several different departments are still on scene and say they think it will take several hours to put out the fire.

We’ll have more updates as more details become available.