TULSA, Oklahoma - While in the past only select officers had body cameras, now every patrol officer in Tulsa has one.

Officers can easily turn on the cameras during interactions with the public.

Officer Nathaniel Terrell works traffic calls around downtown and received his camera back in the fall.

Terrell says, "I'm glad I have a body camera, but it doesn't change anything about the way I do my job."

The Tulsa Police Department started rolling out the cameras in phases in the fall and immediately began training officers on how to use them.

"The body cams were in big demand by the public and so the department responded by giving them to all the officer, so, to me that's a plus," said Terrell.  To me, it only helps.  It can't do any harm."

The public push increased after officer involved shootings started making national headlines, including the death of Terrance Crutcher here in Tulsa.

Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan says the cameras will not only provide transparency, but also be valuable in gathering evidence.

Mayor G.T. Bynum says that the cameras are an important step for the city.

Officer Terrell agrees and says the cameras "make sure that we're doing our job properly and also, on the flip side, gives us another angle for the public that they don't just have to rely on what we say happened."

Policies for the use of body cameras are in the process of being updated on the city's website, but below is a link to the policies currently in place for Tulsa Police Department.