OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma - The Oklahoma Education Association has set a deadline for Oklahoma lawmakers to fund pay raises and education needs.

They deadline was set for April 23, 2018. They say if lawmakers don't meet that, then schools will shut down.

The decision was made after the OEA executive director met with more than 200 superintendents from across Oklahoma and the group came to a consensus.

Superintendents from across the state met Tuesday to discuss a possible school shut down. Teachers are now saying they will strike if legislators don't give them a raise and increase education funding.

About 60 Superintendents met for several hours discussing what a school shut down would mean and what their next move should be.

A resolution supporting teachers and, if it comes to it, a school shut down was met with loud cheers at Monday night's Oklahoma City School Board meeting.

Teachers and the teacher's union are hoping for similar support from districts across the state as they move toward a strike.

After the recent failure of the Step Up plan, a grassroots effort grew on social media. Now, the teachers union says only action in the state legislature can prevent a school shutdown.

The major school districts around Tulsa are all promising to support the teachers in whatever they do.

Oklahoma's teacher's union - the OEA - said a survey found 81 percent of teachers, and 76 percent of parents support a walkout. But, all superintendents say the consensus is they would like to see a walk out avoided.