TULSA, Oklahoma - Students at Tulsa's Nathan Hale Junior High held a walkout Wednesday to protest violence and bullying that they say has impacted their school.

About 200 students walked out of class at 10 a.m. and stayed out for about 15 minutes at the practice fields. The walkout was supervised by school staff.

The principal said the conversation about a walkout started after the Florida school shooting. Since February 28 in Tulsa, there's been a shooting outside Hale Junior High and two evacuations at the next door high school due to bomb threats.

"Our students have learned today - your voice matters if you'll do this the right way, with a message and an audience and a purpose and a plan," said Hale Junior High Principal Jody Parsons.

"People will listen."

Students at Hale High School are planning a walkout for a week from Wednesday on March 14th.