TULSA, Oklahoma - A former Tulsa County inmate has filed a federal lawsuit against the Tulsa County Sheriff and the company contracted to provide medical care at the jail.

Zachary Plunkett claims that he told jail staff he had an injury when he was booked in 2016, and that unsanitary conditions at the jail led to him contracting a MRSA infection.

Plunkett says that personnel at the jail and medical staff waited 10 days after the infection appeared before having him transported to a hospital.  He claims that, during the wait, the infection worsened, there was severe swelling and bleeding, he was in constant, debilitating pain, and his many pleas for medical treatment were disregarded.

The lawsuit claims that when Plunkett was finally taken to the hospital, a physician in the emergency room said "you only see things like this in third-world countries."

Doctors allegedly had to surgically remove an abscess that had formed, which contained eggs from parasites.

Plunkett is suing the jail's medical care provider and the sheriff for negligence and cruel and unusual punishment.