April 2nd is the new deadline set by the state teachers union to avoid a teacher walkout.

However, schools could close sooner rather than later.  The teachers union had set one date for a walkout, then were quickly pressured into moved that date up by 3 weeks.

Alicia Priest, the Oklahoma Education Association President, says, "our members are ready to act now, so we are accelerating our strategy."

The timing is important - Spring break is just a week away.

The union's original plan was to stop work on April 23rd, which is after the window for state testing.

"Now that we've moved it to the 2nd, we've got a shot at a fight," said teacher Larry Cagle.  "I don't know any other way to talk about it - this is going to be a fight."

A group of teachers met in Tulsa to discuss the walkout.  They're trying to make arrangements for children who eat at school and for parents who need to find childcare.  They're also discussing athletic events that can't be rescheduled.

Even with challenges like these, they expect to protest at the Capitol for as long as needed.

"Something has to give," said teacher Kara Rockholt.  "If the Oklahoma legislature won't listen to us, then we have to stand up and do something about it."

The teachers union is expected to lay out their demands on Thursday.

A lot of teachers are watching to see if the union takes a strong enough stand to satisfy them.