TULSA, Oklahoma - The News On 6 WARN weather team tracks the potential for storms in over 25 counties. And, social media has become vital during severe weather.

With the push of a button we can tell you where the storm is headed, and you can tell us what you're seeing.

"From News On 6 this is a severe weather update."

When severe weather strikes, you can always count on News On 6 to bring you the latest information. But alerting you on TV is only one way we're keeping you ahead of the storm.

Social media is an essential tool we use to keep you and your family safe. Every one of our News On 6 meteorologists has a Facebook and Twitter page you can follow to keep your social media feed up to date with the latest weather alerts - so you know where the storms are and where they're going.

And if you're away from your TV, you can find us on Facebook Live or streaming on the News On 6 app.

We also want to know what conditions are like where you are during severe weather. We hope you'll Tweet us and or send pictures to our Facebook page so we can see what you're seeing.

But please remember  - only take pictures and video when it's safe!

And a friendly reminder to turn your phone sideways when you hit record. That way the video or picture you take fits perfectly on the screen or monitor.

Whether you tune in on TV, online or on our app - you can always stay connected to News On 6. to keep you prepared, and ahead of the storm.