TULSA, Oklahoma - News On 6 storm trackers are an essential part of our severe weather team. They are experienced in following the storms - so our viewers can stay ahead of them.

Von Castor has been tracking storms since about 2001. 

"Over the hurricane season we went down to cover Hurricane Harvey. We covered it as it made landfall as a Catagory 4. We like to be out there learning about storms and saving lives."

Darren Stephens, storm tracker for News On 6.

"When I'm not out tracking storms, I'm taking care of our ranch which has about 200 head of cattle."

"Over the summer Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area. Took a Seadoo down there. Had many many water rescues for the residents down there, helping them out."

Brandon Welles has been tracking storms for 16 years.

"A lot of my facination came from my father and watching Jim Giles and Travis Meyer."

"I've always had a heart and passion for weather. When I'm not out tracking storms, I like to spend a lot of time with my wife and child." 

Storm tracker Ron Morton.

"My name's Ron Morton. I've been chasing storms for about 23 years now."

It's a way for me to help folks, especially here in Oklahoma. It's a great privilege to chase for Channel 6."

My name is J.D. McManus.

"I've been tracking storms for about 17 years now."

"I just love the weather and everything about it in all the extremes. One of the most memorable storms was a twin tornadoes going over the Gloss Mountains in Western Oklahoma."

"My name is Dal Archer and I've been tracking storms for 18 years."

"When I'm not tracking storms I'm a teacher and the IT Director at Kellyville Public Schools."

"I've always been fascinated by storms. I've always wanted to be a storm tracker, so fortunately God has blessed me enough and my dreams are coming true."

"My name is Pascal van Schijndel. I've been tracking storms for about 18 years."

"In 2004 it was the most amazing one to me because it was a nice funnel, it didn't create any damage.