TULSA, Oklahoma - The field is set for the NCAA basketball tournament and there is legitimate controversy about the brackets concerning an Oklahoma team.

As you've heard, the Cowboys are out and the Sooners are in.

There are a lot of upset Oklahoma State fans over not being selected to play in the tournament, despite having a pretty good season.

OSU beat OU twice and also swept  #1-seeded Kansas in regular season play.  The Cowboys also had a big win over West Virginia.

However, the NCAA Selection Committee decided the Sooners will move on to the tournament later this week, even though they've lost eight of their last 10 games.

But some believe their ticket to the big dance has to do with freshman Trae Young, one of the best players in college basketball right now and who everyone wants to see.

The decision isn't sitting well with some folks, like analyst Dick Vitale.

"There is no way in the world that Oklahoma State, if Oklahoma is in, Oklahoma State had to be in the tournament. I think it's a disgrace, I think it's an embarrassment and its a humiliation to what this tournament's about," said Dick Vitale. 

The Sooners take on Rhode Island on Thursday at 11:15 a.m.  You can watch the tournament on Channel 6.