TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa man charged with beating his girlfriend, Kimberly Vo, to death with a hammer was in court Thursday.

Prosecutors say Derrick Stith beat the mother of his 9-month-old son with a hammer 50 to 70 times.

One witness testified Vo had bruises and cuts all over her body and that she didn't seem to have a single spot that didn't have an injury.

They said Stith told police she went out with friends, got jumped and robbed and came home that way.

They said he initially lied about his address, but when officers went to the correct apartment they found blood everywhere - on the floors, walls, countertops, napkins, even on the child's toys.

The witness said it looked like someone had kicked in the bathroom door and drug someone out.

They also recovered a hammer with blood and hair on it, which, they said, matched the marks on the victim's body.

During the brutal testimony, Vo's mother cried, and so did Stith. In fact, he cried pretty much the whole time.

Prosecutors pointed out the witnesses said they never saw him cry or even shed one tear when he brought his girlfriend's battered body into the ER.

The medical examiner will testify next month.