OKLAHOMA CITY - Civil and Human Rights activists and other advocates will gather at the Oklahoma County Courthouse Thursday to demand acknowledgement and accountability for women and children inequality in Oklahoma.

They are calling it the "Me Too" 4 Equity 4 Respect For Justice which group leaders said will advocate the quality of life for women and children.

They are gathering Thursday because former Executive Aide to the Governor Travis Brauer, who was exposed for his reported unprofessional and illegal behavior, was scheduled to appear before a judge Thursday. 

Brauer faces two felony charges in an attempt to conceal criminal acts.

Brauer allegedly took illegal images up a public advocate's skirt during a budget hearing; yet the people gathering Thursday said that was allowed over a month to elude a state law enforcement agency before destroying evidence of his crimes.  

This "Me Too" group said that instead of responding in a swift and equitable pursuit of justice, the Oklahoma government system provided him opportunity to elude justice.

The "Me Too" rally will begin at 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.