TULSA, Oklahoma - All of us who like gardening and landscaping are always searching for ideas.

Next weekend, Tulsa's Master Gardeners will hold their garden tour. 

It features five spectacular home gardens with answers to all your questions.

Master Gardener Diane Hambric's home is on the Tulsa Master Gardener Garden tour next weekend. It’s June 9th and 10th.

She said she has something a little different for Tulsa she wanted to show.

"This is a Xeriscaped garden and it is designed for dry sunny spots," Hambric said. 

She said she'd always had trouble getting anything to grow there so why fight it.

There are yucca and other plants that love hot dry conditions. For mulch, there is a layer of crushed granite.

She also wanted to show a family heirloom.

"This is my 110-year-old grape leaf plant," Hambric said. 

It came with her grandparents from Lebanon to the United States and eventually to Oklahoma. Now it's in her backyard.

It and all the other plants and landscaping ideas, old and new, are part of next weekend's Master Gardener Garden tour.