LUTHER, Oklahoma - Last fall, people in Oklahoma City started collecting original red brick from Route 66 that were uncovered due to road construction on the northeast side.

News 9 learned, that nobody collected more bricks than Brent Byrd, who goes by the nickname “Slim.”

Slim owns a barber shop in Arcadia on Route 66 near the Round Barn, and sells those loose Route 66 bricks for $20 a piece.

“People have a souvenir of the original road,” pitches Slim.

Slim collected several truck loads of the bricks uncovered and piled up along Kelley Avenue in OKC.

“We worked until midnight one night hauling them in,” says Slim.

The Arcadia barber says it took a few full days to end up with 10,000 Route 66 bricks.

It was barely enough for his project to make a labyrinth of the original red bricks.

On a Luther property, Slim has completed the continuous path that bends and circles in an incredible design.

“I think it’s neat to bring things back to life again,” says Slim.

He says it takes him and his son seven minutes to walk the entire route.

“People drove on it for almost 100 years, now they can walk on it for 100 years,” says Slim.